Friday, September 9, 2011


Did You Know...
The CW's hot new show "The Secret Circle" was first a book series!

L.J. Smith, author of The Vampire Diaries brings you another bone chilling series about witches!
Cassie and her mom move from California to Salem, Massachusetts.  That's right, Salem...the town famous for it's witch trials.  Cassie discovers a group of girls called, "The Club" and soon learns that the club's members consist of Salem's very own teenage witches.  While Cassie learns about witches, she discovers that she just may be one herself.

If you are a fan of "The Vampire Diaries", be sure to read "The Secret Circle" series!
Read the books and compare them to the show. "The Secret Circle" will premiere next Thursday September 15th @ 9:00 P.M.  on the CW (after The Vampire Diaries).  Watch, Read, and TELL US WHAT YOU THINK! :-)

1. The Initiation & The Captive Part I
2. The Captive Part II & The Power

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