Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prizes for Reading!

Young Adult Go Global Summer Reading Club

Grades 6 & Up (Grade 6 in September)

Sign up today for our Young Adult Reading Club at Hillside Public Library! 

Here's what to do:
1. Sign up in person for our reading club at Hillside Public Library
2. Read books of your choice at home
3. Fill out a Book Review form for each book read (forms are available in our Young Adult Room)
4. Drop off forms in our Book Review Box in our Young Adult Room  OR post your book review right here on this blog! (by leaving a comment, you can post your review)
5. Receive a raffle for each book read/reported on
6. Attend our end up summer reading club pizza party where we will raffle off fun prizes!

*For each YA program you attend this summer (outside of summer reading), you will receive another raffle ticket.  So make sure you go to as many YA programs as possible this summer (for example, Ms. A's Jewelry Work Shop, Book Discussions, etc)

**All reports must be checked in no later than August 10th

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